BHS ideas

We listen.

Some clients know exactly what they want, whether it be a completely custom product or a stock one, and they know they can rely on BHS to supply the best options in terms of quality, price, and reliability. We move fast to provide a quote and delivery schedule, typically within 24 hours.


Other clients want a promotional item to enhance sales but aren't sure which product would suit their needs. They rely on our creative team to brainstorm ideas and provide relevant suggestions (free service) based on target audience, marketing goals, budget and deadline. Spec samples and 3D renderings can all help to bring a concept to life.


The sky is the limit. We have the capabilities to source any product made around the globe or we will create it for you. Custom design and manufacturing may seem daunting but it's our specialty. You will be able to enjoy the process rather than stress over it.


We communicate.

Handling all details from start to finish, we are known for our customer service! We are proactive, keeping you informed about the status of your order every step of the way, always getting you a quick response.


We deliver.

Our delivery record is unparalleled in the industry, always meeting or exceeding expectations. Additionally, we only partner with reliable factories that have strict QC policies and procedures. Our satisfied customers value the quality products and superior service they receive.